Group Discussions are one of the most important criteria of any selection. Many times it happens that the candidate has perfect knowledge of the topic but does not know how to put it in front of the members. So here we have 5 master tips to succeed in your GD.

5 master tips to succeed in your GD


  1. Read a lot

Start reading the newspapers and try to keep thorough knowledge of all current happenings. 99% of the times the topic is from the latest affairs. Remember the complete knowledge of a topic is your biggest strength in a GD.


  1. Start the discussion

But only when you know the topic with facts. Initiating the GD gives you a major plus. Start in a way to give a perspective and not a conclusion in the first sentence. Be sure as you definitely don’t want to show that you haven’t understood the topic.


  1. Agree with others

You are not there to prove that you are right and others are wrong. If you see someone else making a good point, do agree with them and acknowledge that.  It will only portray you as someone who respects others opinions.


  1. Positive Body Language

Your body language should depict confidence, good energy, and intelligence. Do not show nervousness. Shaking legs, moving your fingers a lot or not paying attention to what others are saying are all signs of bad body language.


  1. Be the moderator

You are going to avoid any arguments but if others get into any argument try and be the moderator to end that. Try showing the perspectives and prove that no one is wrong.


Take the GDs as a healthy discussion. Forget that it’s the part of your selection and just concentrate on putting your view forward in a healthy way.

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5 master tips to succeed in your GD
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