Agile Model

Agile model emphasis that every project needs the different approach, the one that best suits its requirements. So, according to this model, the existing methods need to be re-arranged to get a best possible method that suits a particular project.

Hence, Agile is a combination of Iterative and incremental process models. Under this model, the product is break into small incremental builds and these builds are then provided for the iterations. Every iteration involves the basic operations like requirement gathering, planning, design, coding, testing and  a working model is obtained at the end of each iteration.

Advantages of Agile model

  • Complete client satisfaction as a working model is obtained at the end of each iteration.
  • Best suited for projects which face the frequent change in requirements.
  • Minimum resources are required.
  • No need for early planning.
  • Rapid development of functionality with realistic approach.

Disadvantages of Agile model

  • Lack of emphasis on documentation makes it difficult to maintain in future.
  • Highly qualified management is required.
  • Unsuitable in case of complex dependencies.
  • More risk and uncertainty involved in extensibility.