Current Affairs 29 August 2018


The birth anniversary of which player is celebrated as the National Sports Day in India?

  • Roop Singh Bais
  • Major Dhyan Chand
  • Makhan Singh
  • Ashwini Nachappa


Answer: Major Dhyan Chand

SAARC Agri Cooperative Business Forum is hosted by which city?

  • New Delhi
  • Colombo
  • Islamabad
  • Kathmandu


Answer: Kathmandu

A new council has been constituted to advise the PM over which of the following matters?

  • Science and Technology
  • Finance
  • Crime
  • Social Affairs


Answer: Science and Technology

Which state recently passed its amended Police bill?

  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Maharashtra
  • Gujarat
  • Punjab


Answer: Punjab

Who won India’s first silver medal in Kurash at the Asian Games?

  • Niharika Jadhav
  • Hardeep Singh
  • Pinky Balhara
  • Sujata Iyer


Answer: Pinky Balhara

Which bank has recently changed the name and IFSC codes of its 1300 branches?

  • PNB
  • Dena Bank
  • Axis Bank
  • SBI


Answer: SBI

Which state has signed a MoU with American agency “Malaria no more” and Indian agency “Malaria Elimination Trust” to end malaria in the state?

  • Odisha
  • Gujarat
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Uttar Pradesh


Answer: Odisha

Who has been appointed as India’s next High Commissioner to the UK?

  • Alok Parihar
  • Kavita Sujoy
  • Ruchi Ghanashyam
  • Bipin Lahiri


Answer: Ruchi Ghanashyam

Which of the following banks has opened a new unit to track new emerging technologies?

  • World Bank
  • RBI
  • SBI


Answer: RBI

Name the project started by Google to empower offline newspaper and magazines of India to bring their content online.

  • Navsutra
  • Navsabha
  • Navlikhan
  • Navlekha


Answer: Navlekha