Which is more Beneficial – Hard Work or Smart Work?

To work is important but to work in the right direction is crucial. Working 10 hours a day without aligning the work is like “a shot in the dark”! While many of us swear by the value of Hard Work, there is no denying the fact that Smart Work is the need of the hour. With each and every person having tones of work to accomplish and huge targets to achieve, hard work alone can take forever to reach a set goal.  In today’s GD topic, let us discuss the importance of both and let’s try to come to a conclusion.

Hard Work

“There is no substitute for Hard Work” we all have been hearing this since forever! How exactly hard work rules out everything else?

  • It makes the base strong:

Working hard means thorough work, detailed analysis on every possible edge. It not only adds to your knowledge but also ensures you have a deep insight of your work.

  • It never fails:

While a strategy can fail or not work up to the mark many times, hard work and consistent effort always work. It saves the time that planning of new strategy would consume.

  • Zero risk factor:

Hard work is about working vigorously towards one task in a straight no fuss way. When there is no permutation being used, there is no risk involved in the results. For example, when you are completing all the topics that will be asked in the exam, there is no point worrying about what the teacher might ask!

Smart Work

As we have discussed the benefits that hard work brings, it’s now time to know what smart work has to offer us! Before we start, there are so many bogus theories about what exactly is smart work. People believe that getting your work done by hook or crook is what smart work implies. This is untrue and misleading.

Smart Work is all about knowing the right direction and having an absolute striking plan to get the work done. It is important here to notice, how some people with same 24 hours in a day are able to deliver much more work and are still able to get effective results.  SMART WORK is the answer

  • Gives you a direction:

Moving on a path without being sure of its destination is an utter waste of time. The primary function of smart work is to prioritize the tasks and give a direction about what to be done after what!

  • Time is the key:

With world full of competition and demands, do we really have days and months to invest in one task? Plan an effective strategy to complete it within hours and channelize the rest of the work for the remaining time. Yes, strategies may fail but what if they work!

  • Say no to panic attacks:

With all the work happening on time, no need to fear the deadlines. At the end of the day, it’s about work being done on TIME.

Routing the whole discussion towards a conclusion, we can clearly say that SMART WORK is the need of the hour. Yes, it’s not the substitute for Hard Work but it’s all about working “Smartly Hard”. Remember the thirsty crow could drink water by working SMART and HARD!

Good Luck!