Board exam tips and tricks for good grades


Board exams have started for the class 12th and class 10th students. There must be a lot of pressure on students and their parents. But is this pressure really going to be of any help? So what are those Board exam tips and tricks for good grades that actually work? If you are also wondering the same, you have switched to the right page.


Board exam tips and tricks for good grades


  1. Don’t start anything new

You usually don’t have many days in hands between the two exams. Starting something new will be nothing but a waste of time. No matter how important the topic is, never start it a day before.


  1. Keep everything ready

You don’t want to create chaos on your exam morning. Wasting time looking out for things that you probably need during the exam. All the things that you need during your exams should be kept together in your reach so that you can just pick them up and go.


  1. Revise Wise

You need to brush up all the things. It can happen usually while revising that you may feel like you have forgotten everything. But the good news is that it is not so you are probably just a little nervous.


  1. Digital Detox

Say no no to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks. Many people have lot of different things to say and that might actually affect you in a negative way. Your friend can remind you of a topic that you forgot to study and you may panic. It's better to just stick to yourself.


  1. In case of emergency

If there really is some topic that is extremely important and you have to study it during the days between your exam, talk to your study buddy. Tell a friend to share notes so you can just go through the important pointers. If that is not an option, take the topic and give a good read and pick the points up for yourself. Its advisable to make short notes and read them once more.


  1. Rest

Don’t go for a whole night study sitting a day before the exam. This way you will either fall asleep during the exam or will feel gloomy. If your body is not properly rested, chances are your brain will be tired and won’t remember half of the things you have read.