What to do after GATE exam

What to do after GATE exam

GATE 2019 exam in all engineering disciplines is over by 10th Feb. Now as the exam is over, the students must plan their next strategy. One must not wait until the result is out to plan their next move. By the time result comes, you must be ready with a plan to follow. Depending on your GATE score, there are different options that you can choose from. The students might wonder What to do after GATE exam, here's the answer!

We will help you make a choice by making you aware of all possible situations and options that you can opt for in those situations.


For students with good GATE score:

What we mean by good GATE score is the score which is valid. The score that fulfills the eligibility.

  • Direct admission to M.Tech in IITs/ IISC: A few IITs take direct admissions for M.Tech through the GATE exam. IIT Bombay also gives direct admission through GATE score in a few disciplines.
  • Interview for M.Tech admission: You may need to face a personal interview for M.Tech admission. Preparing for the main subjects from the GATE syllabus would be enough to crack the interview.
  • Tech in NITs: For admission in NITs, CCMT counseling will begin in the month of May.
  • PSUs: if you are interested in taking up the job in any PSU, you need to start applying in the PSU of your interest right away. After the result, these PSUs select the candidates as per their criteria.


For Students who didn’t qualify:

It may happen that you didn’t get a good GATE score. In that case, also there are options in hand.

  • Apply for jobs that conduct a separate exam. There are many organizations which conduct their own exam.
  • Tech admissions can also be sought through universities which conduct their own entrance exam.
  • Do not lose hope. Not everyone cracks their GATE in the first attempt. Give yourself some time and utilize your experience from this year to try and give your GATE exam again.


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Board exam tips and tricks for good grades

Board exam tips and tricks for good grades

Board exam tips and tricks for good grades


Board exams have started for the class 12th and class 10th students. There must be a lot of pressure on students and their parents. But is this pressure really going to be of any help? So what are those Board exam tips and tricks for good grades that actually work? If you are also wondering the same, you have switched to the right page.


Board exam tips and tricks for good grades


  1. Don’t start anything new

You usually don’t have many days in hands between the two exams. Starting something new will be nothing but a waste of time. No matter how important the topic is, never start it a day before.


  1. Keep everything ready

You don’t want to create chaos on your exam morning. Wasting time looking out for things that you probably need during the exam. All the things that you need during your exams should be kept together in your reach so that you can just pick them up and go.


  1. Revise Wise

You need to brush up all the things. It can happen usually while revising that you may feel like you have forgotten everything. But the good news is that it is not so you are probably just a little nervous.


  1. Digital Detox

Say no no to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks. Many people have lot of different things to say and that might actually affect you in a negative way. Your friend can remind you of a topic that you forgot to study and you may panic. It's better to just stick to yourself.


  1. In case of emergency

If there really is some topic that is extremely important and you have to study it during the days between your exam, talk to your study buddy. Tell a friend to share notes so you can just go through the important pointers. If that is not an option, take the topic and give a good read and pick the points up for yourself. Its advisable to make short notes and read them once more.


  1. Rest

Don’t go for a whole night study sitting a day before the exam. This way you will either fall asleep during the exam or will feel gloomy. If your body is not properly rested, chances are your brain will be tired and won’t remember half of the things you have read.


Merits and De-Merits of Cashless Economy

Merits and De-Merits of Cashless Economy

Before we discuss the topic of Merits and De-Merits of Cashless Economy, with GD point of view, let's understand the topic.

Any economy that depends majorly or entirely on cards, digital transactions and e-wallets is called a cashless economy. In November 2016, PM Narendra Modi took the nation by surprise by announcing demonetization. Most of the currency notes in the country were of no value overnight. The movement was started to cut down the circulation of black money in the society. A lot of debate was done and is still on over this topic.


Merits and De-merits of Cashless Economy



  • The most important benefit is the money that can be saved. Printing of the currency notes also involves money. Paper, ink and other costs are involved in printing the cash which can be saved if we opt for a cashless economy.
  • The property prices will fall. Most of the black money is invested in Real Estate, hence a check on black money will bring the real estate prices to a low.
  • Safety is assured. It is not safe these days to travel with cash but cards and online apps have no such threat.
  • Transparency in transactions will put a restriction on money hoarding and tax evasion.
  • Digital transactions save a lot of time as they can be done within seconds.
  • Businesses can fetch a good customer base even from a far off geographical location as the payment can be done online.



  • Not everyone is tech-savvy. There are still many people in the country who do not operate their bank accounts through an online app.
  • The digital transactions depend on the internet facilities. A big number of Indian population is living in rural areas with less to zero internet facilities. This is where the cashless economy doesn’t hold a strong stand.
  • Hacking and cyber thefts. Anything that’s on the internet is under the threat. How can we be assured of our data being safe online?
  • India’s literacy rate is around 70%, what about the rest 30%. Who will provide them training on how to do the digital transactions? And is it really feasible to teach everyone?
  • Local vendors, small retailers, and many small scale businesses still run on cash payments.



Freedom of Press should exist

Freedom of Press should exist

In a democratic country like India, freedom of expression is the most important right. What we are going to discuss today is that whether Freedom of Press should exist. When we talk about press, what comes to our minds is news, cameras, journalists with mikes surrounding the people to give reactions. While some see it as a good source of bringing the truth out, some do believe that its just very judgmental and media sometimes forgets to draw a line.

Let's discuss the For and Against of “Freedom of Press Should Exist”.



  • Media ensures that the real news reaches people. For democracy to exist, people who elect their leaders should be well aware of their deeds. If not through media, how will we ever get to know what our elected leaders are doing and whether its time we give someone else the chance?
  • Media creates awareness about social issues, which creates a sense of fear in people.
  • Media helps to look at every issue with a broader view. It provides a clear idea based on deep research.
  • The information about fraudulent, corruption and what one should be careful about in day to day life is also brought to us through media.




  • Media diverts attention from important topics. Sometimes one lame issue like the personal life of a celebrity is given so much hype that the major ones get sidelined.
  • Media never prioritize. Issues like politics, entertainment are shown more to add masala to the channel rather than bringing up issues of farmers, unemployment.
  • Everything and everyone is biased these days. The media person or a channel that supports or agrees with the ideology of a particular person or party, it will be biased while reporting about them.


Freedom of the press is vital but the media should also consider the righteous behavior. For more GD topics, Click here.

Managers are born not trained

Managers are born not trained


Effective management is what keeps an organization going! A manager is thus the building block… As significant as the role seems, there arises a question, what makes a manager? Are the manager born or trained? Lets discuss it all under the GD topic, Managers are born not trained.


Managers are born

  • There are so many people around the globe who have emerged as great managers but they don’t hold any degree in management. Thus the degree from big institutes doesn’t approve of a great manager.
  • People tend to learn from life experiences. Sometimes there are instances in one’s life that teaches the required lesson which no training in the world can teach.
  • Training can impart knowledge but skill can never be taught. Skill can be influenced by surroundings or developed by interests.
  • Theoretical lessons given in the classes can never give any practical experience.
  • Age old theories can never be applicable after years. The world is ever-changing and thus the situations and circumstances will change. So what training has taught may not be applicable after a few years. This is where skill matters but the learned theories don’t.



Managers are trained

  • Management involves discipline and professionalism. No person is born disciplined; these qualities are built in a person with time and proper training.
  • Training polishes the talent. The theories that are taught give an idea of the kind of situations that the manager might have to face.
  • Administrative techniques are what taught through a training program and that is also a part of the management skills.
  • The numerous management schools do the job of bringing the raw candidates with skill and potential and bring the best professionals out of them.


To conclude, the interests and inclinations can be born and the skill can be learned with life experiences but to be a professional with proper know-how of the stats, training is required.

Tips for Parent’s to help their Children during exams

Tips for Parent’s to help their Children during exams

Exams are the most crucial times. Not only children but their parents are scared of the phase as well. The pressure of their child doing well, scoring high is always there. While we all talk about how children should behave during the exams, there have to be some guidelines for the parents as well. So here we have the Tips for Parent’s to help their Children during exams.


Tips for Parent’s to help their Children during exams



Know the entire schedule

Parents should keep track of the entire exam schedule. Know when the exams are starting and make note of the schedule. Be sure you know when your child has to be in the examination hall.



Help them focus

Give your child a proper environment for the exams. You should not turn on the TV out loud when your child is trying to study. Do not plan any parties or host any dinners during the exam time. Try not to go out for long for movies and all. If at you have to go make sure you cut the evenings short.



Maintain the nutrition

Children tend to avoid food due to stress. Make sure you fill them up with good nutrition. Proper diet needs to be followed so that they are not under-eaten or over-eaten. Serve them with fresh fruits and veggies. Also make sure they get ample amount of breaks to rest their mind during the preparation.



Don’t Overdo

While we tell you to maintain a balance, you need to make sure not to overdo it as well. Keeping the children in the home whole day will depress them even more. Plan a 15-minute park visit or just a half an hour play session. This will not only refresh their mind but will also help balance the exam pressure.



Accept the results

No child is a born Einstein. It is not necessary that your child will excel in every exam. Accept the result whatever it is with the big heart and move on! Tell your child as well that this is the part of the game and they just need to focus on the next now!


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