Change of Voice

Any sentence in the English language can be written in two forms: Active or Passive.

Active Voice

Every sentence contains two things: a subject and an action. Here Subject is the person or the thing that the subject is about an action is defining what the subject is doing. When the subject performs the action stated by the verb it is said to be in Active Voice. Example: John changed the gas knob.

Passive Voice

When the subject is acted upon by the verb it is said to be in passive voice. Example: The gas knob was changed by John. Sometimes the sentences may contain an object.  In most of the cases, sentences are written in the active voice.

Sometimes the sentence may contain an object. Example: Ria was hit by the ball. Now in this sentence, Ria is the subject, Hit is the action and Ball is the object. In such sentences, identifying whether the sentence is active or passive gets a lot difficult. A simple way to find out the sentences that are in passive voice is to look for words: a, are, has been, have been, was, were, will be.

Change of Voice from Passive to Active

In order to change the voice of the sentence from passive to active, the first step is to identify the subject in the sentence and then reconstruct the sentence around the subject indicating the subject performing the action.

Sentence: Reading is enjoyed by John.

Now in this sentence, John is the subject. Now we will reconstruct this sentence keeping in mind that now the subject will perform the action.

Active: John enjoys reading.

Change of Voice from Active to Passive

In order to change the voice of the sentence from active to passive, just convert the object of the active sentence into the subject of the passive.

Sentence: She made an effort to drive.

Now in this sentence, the drive is the object that needs to be converted into the subject in the passive form.

Passive Form: Driving effort was made by her.

Take the Quiz

Maria was writing a poem.


Answer: A poem was being written by Maria

The police caught the thief.


Answer: The thief was caught by the police.

The jar is filled with sand.


Answer: Sand filled the jar.

The cheese was eaten by Sara.


Answer: Sara ate the cheese.

Jessica always plays drums in the band.


Answer: Drums are always played by Jessica in the band.

Workers are planning a strike.


Answer: A strike is being planned by the workers.

I shall read a newspaper.


Answer: A newspaper will be read by me.

The family will be watching a movie next weekend.


Answer: A movie will be watched by the family next weekend.

Maria should have studied the book.


Answer: A book should have been studied by Maria.

A scholarship may be won by her.


Answer: She may win the scholarship.