Digital media v/s Print Media


With changing times, the dynamics of media are also changing. While before we use to depend on newspapers to get the latest updates, now we get them on our smartphones within seconds of their occurrence. Thus this makes it a very important topic of debate. Lets discuss the topic “Digital Media v/s Print Media”.


Print Media

Affordable: How much does a newspaper cost? Print media is the more affordable than the electronic media. This makes it easily available to everyone.

Easy Accessibility: people in rural areas are not very well-versed with electronic media. They hardly know how to browse on the internet. Thus print media is the easily accessible mode for them.

Reading ability: Reading is the most important skill in increasing vocabulary. Only printed copies will allow you to actually “read” and learn something.



Digital Media

Wider Options: Digital media is a wider platform. You can get newspapers, magazines and everything in the language you like and of the region you like.

Ease of reading: Digital media is right in your hand. Just take out your phone and you are right there. Doesn’t matter where you are you just need to have the proper source.

Innovative and involving: thanks to motion pictures, graphics, and videos. The Digital media provides a much more interesting and innovative way of getting information.

Instant: You won’t have to wait for 24 hours before the information reaches you. Digital media provides you with the latest updates within minutes.

Works for everyone: Digital media works for people with disabilities as well. A person with hearing or seeing disability can find it easier to access digital media.

There are endless points favoring both the aspects. Remember the above-mentioned points. Pick your side out of the two, add a few facts to it and you are all set to nail your GD.