Direct & Indirect Speech- Narration

The ability to express thoughts and feelings is called speech. Speech is of two types

  • Direct Speech
  • Indirect Speech
Direct Speech

When the exact repetition of the sentence is done it is called direct speech. In other words, when we explain the exact dialogue while explaining a previous conversation.

Example: Sahil says, “I want to eat the dinner early”.

Now here, the speaker is just trying to tell what Sahil has already said.

Indirect Speech

When the speech is used to talk about the past. In indirect speech, we change the tense of the words. The verbs like say, tell and ask are used.

Example: Sahil said that he wants to eat the dinner early.

Now one thing that is important to notice here, “said to” can be replaced with, “told”.

Example: She said to me that she won’t come to an office. The sentence can be written correctly as, ”She told me she won’t be coming to office.


Take the Quiz

She said to them, “Don’t make a noise”.


Answer: She asked them not to make a noise.

“Please don’t park here,” he said.


Answer: He requested me not to park here

“I always drink coffee”, she said.


Answer: She said that she always drank coffee.

I told him that he was not working hard.


Answer: I said to him, “He is not working hard”.

Rima ordered her servant to bring her a cup of tea.


Answer: Rima said to her servant, “Bring me a cup of tea”

Hari said to me, “I will go to the mall today”.


Answer: Hari told me that he would go to the mall today.

He said to me, “I don’t believe you”.


Answer: He told me that he didn’t believe me.

“I have been to Spain”, he told me.


Answer: He told me that he has been to Spain.

John said that he might meet him.


Answer: John said, “I might meet him”.

He said, “I must work hard”.


Answer: He said that he had to work hard.