Before we start the discussion over the topic, we must know what exactly Emotional Quotient and Intelligence Quotient are. Emotional Quotient is related to emotional stability. Control over the emotions and knowing about your and other’s emotions. While Intelligence Quotient is the test of how intelligent one is.


EQ (Emotional Quotient)
  • If one has to run a team, has to make his team work hard to achieve a certain target then the leader has to have a strong EQ. One emotionally stable human who understands his and his team’s mindset will only be able to achieve big.
  • Decision making is easier when you have full control over your emotions as one will know that the decision made is purely logical and not driven by any emotion.
  • EQ determines the self-confidence and courage of a person. Strong EQ helps to face the interviews with no sign no nervousness.
  • IQ can be developed and increased but EQ can only be attained by life experiences. EQ gives one a calm mind which is extremely powerful.


IQ (Intelligence Quotient)
  • IQ is the foundation of EQ. A person with strong IQ develops confidence and courage and that helps a lot in attaining strong EQ.
  • There is no substitute for intelligence. One won’t mind hiring a person with less EQ but the knowledge can’t be compromised.
  • How can a task be performed well if it isn’t even planned better? Hence, IQ is important.
  • IQ determines high personal growth. Needless to mention that a person with high IQ will perform all his tasks extremely efficiently.


Conclusion: At the end of the discussion it is convenient to say that both Emotional Quotient and Intelligence Quotient play a vital role in a person’s personal and professional growth. They are like the two balancing wheels that have to go hand in hand. Think of a person with both high EQ and IQ, the combination will be deadly and invincible.