Equal Pay for Equal Work

Gender bias in the workplace is not a new thing. The major factor of consideration that comes under this is the pay scale; where men are paid more than women for the same work assigned to both. The point arises that when the effort and the time given to complete a certain work is same irrespective of the gender, why the pay has to be different. The gap in the wages is a harsh reality of a working woman’s life regardless of the education and work experience she has.

The Equal Pay Act 1963, made it a legal federal requirement that salary scales for identical work be the same regardless of the gender of the person doing the work. If a woman is working equal hours, has the same targets to achieve and is assigned the same work, she is entitled to get the same pay scale as any man doing the same job.

Let’s discuss the two sides of the argument of this topic.



  • Let’s not see it with just a gender inequality issue, it’s not a fight of right for men or women, the fact is, any two people doing the same work, achieving the same targets and devoting the same amount of time should be paid equally.
  • There is no strong reason as to why the pay should not be equal. Pay is something that a person gets for the work done; if the same work is done the pay has to be similar.
  • It’s de-motivating! Creating a sort of favoritism or being biased towards men will definitely develop a feeling of de-motivation amongst women and it may directly affect the performance factor.
  • Wage gap creates conflicts. If you know the other person doing the same work is being paid more than you, a sense of dislike is evident; it may sometimes be towards the employee or the employer who is creating this gap. This arises to conflicts between the teams.



  • No doubt women are equally efficient as men are but there are areas in which men still are proved more powerful. Athletics, for example, there definitely are athletes in the world who are highly efficient but when it comes to strength, men have an edge because of their body type.



Looking deep into the matter, there is not really a justified reason to why there should be any sort of gap in the pay scale for the same amount of work done. Every person men or women working on the same task to achieve the same targets should be treated equally when it comes to paying as well.