Foreign Language Words

In this section, the students can learn some foreign language words which are generally asked in various competitive exams. 

al fresco

Meaning: In the fresh air, outdoors, in the air

Sentence: We spend most of our summer evenings al fresco.


a la carte

Meaning: The food item that can be separately ordered.

Sentence: The buffet place near my house also offers the a la carte menu.



Meaning: Goodbye

Sentence: Adios my friend, until we meet again.



Meaning: new ideas and methods in art or literature.

Sentence: He is a promoter of an avant-garde.


de facto

Meaning: Actually

Sentence: The rapid growth of the city is making it a de facto of the financial world.


en route

Meaning: on the way

Sentence: We stopped en route to getting some refreshment.



Meaning: Consequently

Sentence: ergo, the mammoth cannot exist.



Meaning: An act of approval, well done

Sentence: Euge! my boy.



Meaning: Genuine.

Sentence: He is a bona fide citizen of this city.



Meaning: A deadlock

Sentence: The dispute had reached an impasse, no one was ready for a compromise.

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