In a democratic country like India, freedom of expression is the most important right. What we are going to discuss today is that whether Freedom of Press should exist. When we talk about press, what comes to our minds is news, cameras, journalists with mikes surrounding the people to give reactions. While some see it as a good source of bringing the truth out, some do believe that its just very judgmental and media sometimes forgets to draw a line.

Let's discuss the For and Against of “Freedom of Press Should Exist”.



  • Media ensures that the real news reaches people. For democracy to exist, people who elect their leaders should be well aware of their deeds. If not through media, how will we ever get to know what our elected leaders are doing and whether its time we give someone else the chance?
  • Media creates awareness about social issues, which creates a sense of fear in people.
  • Media helps to look at every issue with a broader view. It provides a clear idea based on deep research.
  • The information about fraudulent, corruption and what one should be careful about in day to day life is also brought to us through media.




  • Media diverts attention from important topics. Sometimes one lame issue like the personal life of a celebrity is given so much hype that the major ones get sidelined.
  • Media never prioritize. Issues like politics, entertainment are shown more to add masala to the channel rather than bringing up issues of farmers, unemployment.
  • Everything and everyone is biased these days. The media person or a channel that supports or agrees with the ideology of a particular person or party, it will be biased while reporting about them.


Freedom of the press is vital but the media should also consider the righteous behavior. For more GD topics, Click here.