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 Impact of Globalization on Indian Culture-GD TOPIC-1  Do we need to change our education system?-GD Topic-2
 Merits and De-Merits of Cashless Economy-GD TOPIC-3  Equal Pay For Equal Work-GD TOPIC-4
 5 smart tips to succeed in a GD-GD TOPIC-5  Freedom of Press should exist-GD TOPIC-6
 Digital Media v/s Print Media-GD TOPIC-7  Coaching Institutes: Pros. & Cons-GD TOPIC-8
 Managers are born not trained-GD TOPIC-9  Is it necessary to get Married?-GD TOPIC-10
 Is your Life Brand Driven?-GD TOPIC-11  Playing Safe or Taking Risks-GD TOPIC-12
 Marketing v/s Quality-GD TOPIC-13  Body Language in GDs-GD TOPIC-14
 Hard work or Smart work-GD TOPIC-15  Emotional Quotient and Intelligence Quotient-GD TOPIC-16
 Criticism is Good or Bad-GD TOPIC-17  Indian Products v/s Chinese Products-GD TOPIC-18
 Marketing v/s Quality-GD TOPIC-19 Can government control the rising petrol prices?-GD TOPIC-20
 Is India ready for Electric Vehicles?-GD TOPIC-21  Crypto Currencies a bright future or a Fad-GD TOPIC-22
MeToo Campaign is a war or a trap-GD TOPIC-23 Zero (Abstract GD Topic)-GD TOPIC-24
Traveling makes you creative-GD TOPIC-25 Does India really need Bullet Trains?-GD TOPIC-26