Impact of Globalization on Indian Culture

We have been talking about Globalization for a long time now. It has a wide role to play in each sphere of life. People around the globe are more connected to each other today than ever before. This makes the exchange of ideas, goods, and services extremely easy. Considering this, there's no denying the fact that globalization has its own share of impact on the culture as well. Let's discuss the Impact of Globalization on Indian Culture.



The basis of everything is family. When we talk about families, Indian joint family culture is the first thing in mind. What we are seeing these days is that the concept of joint families is extinct like the dinosaurs. Thanks to the busy schedules, little time for elders and lesser space in the homes.


Societal Values

Gone are the days when “Guests are God” was followed in Indian culture. People are restricted to work and their home these days. If at all they entertain people at their home, it is just restricted to weekends once in a blue moon. Having relatives over for holidays or visiting the relatives during summer break is an age-old tradition now. People are more into vacations to some foreign destination.



India is a rich cultural heritage and its said that the cuisines in India vary with every few Kms. But ask yourself honestly how many of us really eat our traditional foods every day? Aren’t we more focused on frozen foods? Or switch to the food delivery apps for that matter!


Marriage Values

The increasing number of divorces, extra-marital affairs and splurging of money at the weddings are a few factors that make marriages a shallow tradition. More than the bond of souls, it has become a superficial tradition.



Now, who said that wearing only the western clothes can make one look classy and fashionable? A traditional dress never lessens your confidence any bit.


It's not just the bad impact of globalization on Indian culture, there are some good impacts as well.


Taking the culture worldwide

People around the world like to wear the Indian salwar kurta for the comfort that it brings. People all over celebrate the Indian festivals like Diwali and Holi. Credit goes to the Indians residing in other countries for work. Globalization has brought people and the cultures close.



The biggest example of Indian culture doing wonders globally is Yoga! There are lot of surveys and reports to support the fact that Yoga is performed overseas as much as it is in our own country.


End of Harsh traditions

It is also after the exposure and globalization that harsh traditions like Sati, Untouchability, dowry are being dealt with. People are more aware and know the difference between right and wrong.


It will not be wrong to say that globalization has not made Indian culture obsolete but it has evolved us with time. It is us who had to make wise choices and fetch the best of the evolution.