Is your Life Brand driven?

Try to look around, how many things around you are having a logo of some big brand on it? You are sure to find many of your and around you. In some way or the other, brands to rule our lives. Many of us consider the brands as a privilege that only the rich can afford. But if we dig deeper, a brand is nothing but just an identity. The identity of a manufacturer, an identity of the quality of products he is launching the market. But nowadays we have related a brand to the status symbol. No matter if you like the very touch of the fabric on your skin but it has to have a big brand logo on it.
Let's see how different opinions can be framed on whether brands are or not ruling our lives.



  • How many of us claim that they only wear clothes from a particular brand? Many am sure! But amongst all those, how many know the reason why? Do you like the fabric? Their designs? Or is it just “The name is enough” statement? Just because that brand has created a name in the market doesn’t make it to the top of your list of favorites too.
  • Youth go for the brands for they consider it as a status symbol. If my friend is wearing a high-end brand, I need to have that one too. This creates the insecurities (if you cant buy) and is quite misleading in terms of style statement. Your attitude is your style, not the peace brand you are wearing.
  • People get judgmental. First impressions are no more based on the body language or how well-groomed a person is. It totally depends on what shoes you are wearing or which handbag you are carrying. Its ok if you are out in a pajama but the condition is that it has to be from a well-known brand.
  • Spend blindly. While out for shopping, the brand freaks don’t even consider the fact that they can get equally good quality at a price which is way less than what a brand is charging you. The ones who bargain with a fruit vendor will pay blindly to a brand just for that tag!



  • Many brands really are value for money. The upper middle class or the middle-class families do go for the brand that has good quality at an equally good price. There they are choosing the brand very wisely and hence are not at all driven by the names/tags.
  • Quality does matter. The brands have a name to live up to, so if they charge high they also ensure that they deliver you the best experience.
  • Emotional connection. It is not always about the money! If a person likes a certain brand of chocolate because he/she has been eating it since long and the flavor is imprinted, it doesn’t even matter how expensive it is (as long as he can afford).



At the end it is safe to say that branded or not, your intention of choosing them is what matters. If you choose a high-end brand for the quality they serve and it has nothing to do with having an added style statement, its ok to pick whatever you like. Make good choices.