Effective management is what keeps an organization going! A manager is thus the building block… As significant as the role seems, there arises a question, what makes a manager? Are the manager born or trained? Lets discuss it all under the GD topic, Managers are born not trained.


Managers are born

  • There are so many people around the globe who have emerged as great managers but they don’t hold any degree in management. Thus the degree from big institutes doesn’t approve of a great manager.
  • People tend to learn from life experiences. Sometimes there are instances in one’s life that teaches the required lesson which no training in the world can teach.
  • Training can impart knowledge but skill can never be taught. Skill can be influenced by surroundings or developed by interests.
  • Theoretical lessons given in the classes can never give any practical experience.
  • Age old theories can never be applicable after years. The world is ever-changing and thus the situations and circumstances will change. So what training has taught may not be applicable after a few years. This is where skill matters but the learned theories don’t.



Managers are trained

  • Management involves discipline and professionalism. No person is born disciplined; these qualities are built in a person with time and proper training.
  • Training polishes the talent. The theories that are taught give an idea of the kind of situations that the manager might have to face.
  • Administrative techniques are what taught through a training program and that is also a part of the management skills.
  • The numerous management schools do the job of bringing the raw candidates with skill and potential and bring the best professionals out of them.


To conclude, the interests and inclinations can be born and the skill can be learned with life experiences but to be a professional with proper know-how of the stats, training is required.