Marketing vs Quality

With the evolution of digital era, a product or a brand can reach almost about every person alive through advertisements. While the brands leave no stone unturned to reach maximum people and make an impactful impression on their minds, the question arises is it really just the marketing tactics that enable a brand to survive in the market or does Quality too has something to do with. Let’s take a deeper look and discuss the valid points on both.



  • Tell people your brand exist

What is the point of introducing a brand and never telling anyone about it? To market your product is to introduce it to the world. Adding the USP of your product to the tagline lets people know what the product is all about.

  • Smart marketing adds to the sales

It’s no more a secret to anyone anymore that smart marketing can sell even the products making false claims. All these fairness cream ads promising people to change their skin tone miraculously in a few days are making big! All hail to the smart marketing plans that hit the customers on right edges.

  • Marketing helps you reach the right customers

Right kind of marketing strategy assists in targeting the right customers. Ad campaigns hinting at enhancing beauty to target young girls & the ones giving subtle messages about a healthy life to encourage health freaks to buy the product. The work of targeting the customized customers can only be done through flawless marketing.

  • Marketing can sell a cheap product & extravagant prices

No matter what the cost price of the product is, smart tactics can enable you to make huge profits by making influential ads. A celebrity promoting the product works big time! People following the celebrity would fall for the product as well.

There is no denying the fact that marketing the backbone of a brand. But sans Quality, marketing is hollow! Let’s jot down the points in favor of quality.



  • For a strong customer base

With marketing, you definitely can get customers to try your product but the strong customer base can only be set with the best quality. Only if a person likes the product in first time, he will be using it forever and would rather recommend it to others as well!

  • Customers are smarter than the marketing tactics

Increasing awareness and formation of effective laws have made the customers vigilant. Any person falling prey to the false claims can sue the organization and take them to court for delivering stones at the promise of the moon. Thus the organization will not only earn a bad name but will also lose all its customers.

  • Reviews also maintain the reputation

There are so many portals and social media handles that people are active on. One bad review can challenge all the marketing done ever. Hence, setting desirable quality standards can only save a brand from bad word of mouth practice.

Considering all the above-mentioned points, it’s evident that quality provides the concrete base for the brand.


The whole discussion can be concluded at the point that if marketing helps to introduce the brand in the market, quality allows creating a strong customer base. Celebrities endorsing the product are definitely the catch of the day but the promised quality remains questionable. Considering the present day scenario, marketing is overpowering the quality standards. The biggest example of this is the huge profits that fairness companies are making without actually delivering the promised standards.