Marriage is considered the most sacred bond all over the world. For some its just about legalizing the love that you have for a person while for others its obeying the fact that bonds are made in heaven and they have to be “tied” on earth. There are all kinds of people in the world. Some may be ready and excited for the union while some may just want to live a single life forever. Not passing the judgments on any, lets just try to figure out the points For and Against our topic.


For (yes its necessary to get married)


Whether you consider it a tag or whatever, it is important to make your relation legal. Until you make it legal, your future with your partner is not secured as you have no legal rights to the world that you are living with them and you both hold no legal responsibility towards each other.


Societal Acceptance

It’s a bitter truth that our society still raises the eyebrows at a live-in couple. Although made legal, many residential societies in big cities don’t allow the unmarried couples to stay together. If you are anyhow going to live with each other, why not have one paper signed?



Commitment not towards the person but towards the relation. Its about knowing that they have a certain responsibility and is answerable to his lawfully wedded wife or vice versa.



Against (No it's not necessary to get married)


The money that people in India spend these days on marriage is huge and is not justified. Marriages have been made more of an event to brag the money rather than the union of two souls.


Commitment can be kept otherwise

If your partner in the relationship can leave you, so can you lawfully wedded one. Marriage never confirms that the other person will live with you forever. It is quite evident from the increasing number of divorces.



People attending a big fat Indian wedding often comes under the influence that they had to or want to get married in a similar way; whether they can afford it or not is never considered.


Divorce is Big

Although the heartbreaks are same the fact remains that DIVORCE is still a big deal in our society. People start judging you and have different stories to tell about you.



To get married or not should be a compulsion. People must have their own reasons (justified) and choices. To marry, how to marry and to whom to get married should be one personal decision depending totally on two people who will are associated with it.