Do we need to change our education system?

Education is the foundation of any country. If any country wants to progress, it must pay the best attention to its education system. Looking at the importance of the education system, do we need to change our education system? Let discuss.



Advanced technologies should be introduced so that the students of our nation can stand and compete with the other nations.

Skill development should be the main agenda. Schools and colleges should concentrate on developing the skills. A skill can create more opportunities than a degree.

Equal importance to hobbies should be given. Who knows hobbies can turn into professions! Equal importance should be given to the hobbies like painting, singing, music, and everything. Not only will the students do that with love there will also not be any pressure.

Students are put under too much pressure.  The present education system in our country is all about a lot of pressure. Assignments, tests, exams and homework, a lot are conducted to check the performances which are generally compared with other students. The comparison is what kills the talent.

More emphasis should be given to the practical part than the theories. Theories are to just add to the knowledge, practical is what you will need to implement in life.



Rules are being made to eliminate homework for the students under class 8th. So the young kids are already saved by the pressure the home works put.

Many technology trends like Smart classes are being introduced in the education sector and thus the country is already on the track of changing for the good.

Hobbies need not be full time. Schools do introduce special classes to encourage the hobbies but degrees are definitely important for the overall growth. College fests and events are the way to give students a chance to bring their skills forward.

Only if you know the theoretical part, you will be able to nail the practical part. Government is encouraging many practical projects and funding them as well.