Playing Safe or Taking Risks

We live in a world where everyone is trying their best to stand out the rest. With everyone trying to reach their goals, some do achieve them while some don’t. So, what is it exactly that make them stand out? Is it the fact that they dared enough to take a risk that changed their life for good? Or its just their playing safe attitude that saved them from any unwanted situations and slowly they reached where they wanted to? Lets take each of the reason in detail


Taking Risks

They say, “The biggest risk in life is taking no risks”.

It’s a proven fact that you cannot really grow or evolve in your comfort zone. The world is changing and speeding up with each passing day. No one can ever expect to keep up with this pace if you don’t plan to gear up, see how you imagine yourself in the next 10 years and work for it.

Risk-taking benefits:

  • Risks let you explore opportunities. You never know what best is stored for you if you don’t go ahead and try it.
  • Risks are life-changing. It’s true the change can be drastic but don’t forget the chances of something terrific happening are equally there.
  • Risks help you learn. Even if it doesn’t work in your favor, you have an experience teaching you what not to do again. Sitting in your comfort zone will limit your thoughts, abilities and brain activity.


Playing Safe

While the majority of people and their experiences speak of playing safe but there still are reasons why sometimes playing safe is also advisable.

  • Slow but steady. Playing safe and taking conscious steps will never involve the risk of losing everything in a blink of an eye.
  • No fear. The stress and anxiety involved in taking risks can be avoided if we play safe and be slow but steady with our pace.
  • What if you lose? What if you lose all that you made in the past 10 years in just 10 minutes for the risk you took? Is it really worth the chance?
  • Life is also about peace and happiness. Being competitive is good but going slow never always mean you are lazy.



Considering both the sides of the situation, we can very well conclude the topic stating, “Calculative risks are what you need to take”. Be proactive but on the same point being practical is also required. Keep your pace steady and make sure your risks never create a situation which you can’t handle.