Use of May and Might 


May is used to ask for Permissions or to express the Possibility of some kind. May is also used to suggest something and to grant Permissions.

Ask Permission:

May I come in?

Give Permission:

Yes, you may.


Maybe you can use the other color for your walls.


Its cloudy outside, it may rain.


Might is the past tense of May and is used to express a slight possibility in the past. Might is more used for the events that could have happened in the past but didn’t.

  • Erica said that she might come.
  • The lady at the store might have noticed us.
  • If I would have been in the same job, I might not have done well in my career.


Take the small quiz to learn more

  1. Can I go to the washroom?
  2. May I go to the washroom?


Answer: 2

  1. If you would have left on time, you might not have missed the bus
  2. If you would have left on time, you may not have missed the bus


Answer: 1

  1. Alice said that she may come
  2. Alice said that she might come


Answer: 2

  1. May I borrow your pen?
  2. Might I borrow your pen?


Answer: 1